Airdrops are when a crypto token or coin is given out for free in order to create new owners or raise awareness of the project. Here’s a list of all active airdrops we’re aware of. Always remember:
– NEVER use a wallet from an exchange (i.e Coinbase,Binance, etc). Instead use Trust Wallet or Metamask or some other system that allows you to control your wallet and accept any token for any coin. Exchange wallets don’t support all tokens and MOST airdrops are for new tokens not listed on most exchanges and will get lost to the exchange.
– A true Airdrop should be absolutely free to you – NEVER spend ANY money or send ANY crypto for an airdrop. Assume requests for payment for gas fees and other requests are attempts to steal your money and abandon these “airdrops” immediately.
– Unfortunately some of these airdrops may be duds and fall through – don’t get discouraged. While we exclude all questionable airdrops from our listings, some aren’t shown to be fake until they fail to distribute or ask for “gas fees” in order to redeem the airdrop at the end.