The best yield farming/staking interest rates for hodling Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency:

Below are the current crypto interest rates we're aware of for US based crypto holders of Basic Attention Token (BAT).


BAT Interest Paid: Monthly
Applies to first 4,000 BAT, higher amounts earn between 0.1-0.2%

BlockFi - BAT

Account Opening Bonus:

$10 in BTC

Invite/Referral Code: f2d25615

Bonus Conditions: Must maintain $100 Balance for more than 30 days.


BAT Interest Paid: Every few days - BAT

Account Opening Bonus:

$25 in CRO

Invite/Referral Code: s6wtryve5z

Bonus Conditions: Requirements: You must (buy and) stake a minimum amount of CRO to receive $25 in CRO.


BAT Interest Paid: Weekly

Celsius - BAT

Account Opening Bonus:

Up to $2,000 in BTC

Invite/Referral Code: 19227313cd

Bonus Conditions: $20 comes by entering Referral code: 19227313cd.  Go here and scroll down to find a promo code you can enter in the app to earn an up to an additional $2,000 in BTC.You must fund and maintain a balance of $200 or more for 30 days for the referral based bonus. For the other promo code - read the details in the link above to know minimum balance, asset time, holding time, etc.