Sperax – a cryptocurrency you can mine from your phone for FREE!!

As with most phone mining apps, this app isn’t crypto currency mining in the sense that it doesn’t use processing power from your device to process transactions that maintain the cryptocurrency network. Instead, based on how frequently you check in and how many people you refer, you are allotted a certain quantity of xp.

Sperax is different from many others in that the app is clearly designed to do more than just be a mining app. Instead, it clearly has the aim of competing in the realm of mobile wallets. Time will show how well it does.

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Check-In Frequency: Every 24 hours

Account Creation Bonus: N/A


  • Simple to use
  • Just check in once a day
  • A project that is more than just a mining app. You can see immediately that the goal is to create a product that is more central to life than a daily mining app.


  • You have to know mining is there to find it - click the third icon on the bottom, the shovel to get to the mining interface.





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